Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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The annual enrollment period is a period in which people can buy health insurance.


For this year, the period starts from November 1, 2015 until January 31, 2015


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Use the following checklist to help you find what you need to apply for coverage.


  • The residential address and / or mailing to each person applying for coverage.
  • Social Security numbers. Information documents for legal immigrants.
  • Immigration document such as a passport, work permit
  • Information about your employer and your income for all family members (pay stubs / receipts of payments / checks or Forms W-2.
  • Statements of income and taxes.

 An estimate of what your family income will be in 2015


If you do not have coverage in 2015

               You will pay the higher amount between these two:

  • 2% of their annual income or $ 325 per year per person ($ 162.50 per child under 18).
  • The maximum that a family will pay $ 975 using this method.




The application is free.

No need to pay for registration, or by completing the application,

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More information can be found at the ObamaCare Site