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Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance
Short Term Health Insurance - North Carolina

What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance provide fast and flexible health coverage for a temporary time. You can typically be covered as early as the next day after you apply in many cases.  Short Term or Temporary health insurance can be purchased at any time. This is different from Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage, also known as Obamacare, which you can buy only during Open Enrollment each year or during a qualified Special Enrollment time. Yes, in many cases, you can cover spouses and dependents with Short Term insurance. Be aware that Short Term medical insurance typically does not cover preexisting medical conditions.

Short Term Health Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can make some choices that can help you find the best Short Term health insurance costs by choosing higher deductibles, paying annual premium upfront, choosing fewer benefits, and staying in-network.

No. Because temporary insurance plans are not minimum essential coverage as defined by the ACA.

A federal rule regulates Short Term Limited Duration Insurance to terms of less than 12 months (364 days).

Yes. You can drop your coverage at any time without penalty.

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